2011 Templeton Freedom Award Winner
CEBSI won for their web portal POSTOY.sk

Conference on
Solidarity and Moral Hazard


Discussion with Macroeconomic Analyst Juraj Karpis
04. 06. 2012
CEBSI organized an expert economic discussion with Mr. Juraj Karpis, Chief Economic Analyst of INESS economic research institute, on the topic of "European super-state or slow death of European monetary union?". The discussion was organized on May 28, 2012 and the moderator of the discussion was a recognized Slovak journalist and a blogger Fero Mucka. 

Diagnosis of Slovak healthcare after the elections
14. 04. 2012
CEBSI organized an expert discussion on the topic of "Diagnosis of the Slovak healthcare after the elections", hosting Ms. Jana Jezikova, Director of public healthcare insurance company Vseobecna zdravotna poistovna responsible for Strategy, and Mr. Martin Filko, Head of Strategy of the commercial Union healthcare insurance company. Discussion was organized on Tuesday, March 3, 2012 and was moderated by Marcel Mikolasik.

Rule of Law and Business Environment in Slovakia - discussion hosting legal expert Pavol Zilincik and Zuzana Caputova
27. 02. 2012
CEBSI organized an expert discussion on the "Rule of Law and Business Environment in Slovakia", hosting Mr. Pavol Zilincik, founder of legal NGO Via Iuris and Legal Expert of the U.S. Ambassador to Slovakia, and Ms. Zuzana Caputova, lawyer. Discussion was touching on the topics of reform of Slovak judiciary, active Citizen Participation and Rule of Law, and ethical and value requirements of judges. The discussion was moderated by Pavol Kubik, reporteur of Trend Business Weekly.

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The Fourth Year of International Economic Conference Free Market Road Show 2012

CEBSI  is already the fourth year organizer and partner of the international economic conference Free Market Road Show 2012 : Europe on the Road to Serfdom. The Conference is organized on Friday, April 27, 2012 in Bratislava. Juraj Kotian, Erste Group's Chief Economic Analyst for CEE and Martin Oravec, Chief Economic Analyst of Trend Business Weekly, and Ondrej Socuvka, have participated in panel discussions. 

Main program of the conference TU: 
The overal international program of the series of Free Market Road Show conferences TU: 

CEBSI is a partner of Bratislava Hanus Days

CEBSI  is a partner and an expert contributor organization to the economic discussion "Who will cover my pension", that is organized on Monday, April 23, 2012 in the Main Hall of the Theology Faculty on Kostolna street nr. 1. Panelists of the discussion will include Prof. Karol Pastor, Professor and Expert on Comparative Pension Systems, Mr. Juraj Kotian, Erstegroup Chief Economic Analyst for CEE, and Mr. Marcel Mikolasik, founding member of CEBSI and manager in banking industry. More information about the conference can be found here: http://www.bhd.sk/#!program|c230d 

Limits of Journalists's Activism - roundtable discussion

CEBSI and Konrad Adenauer Stiftung would like to welcome you to the second year of a journalist discussion roundtables, this year focused on "Journalists for life - was it good for something?" or "The Limits of Journalist's Activism". The discussion and roundtable will be organized on Tuesday, November 8, 2011 at 6pm in Zichyho palac on Venturska street in Bratislava. We are glad that our invitation to come to the roundtable and discuss with us have accepted: Jana Krscanko Dibakova (TV JOJ), Zuzana Gajdosikova (Plus7dni), Andrea Vadkerti (TA3), Barbora Demesova (TV Markiza), Matus Kostolny (SME daily), Eugen Korda (SME daily), Martin Hanus (.tyzden) and Fero Mucka (Trend). Media partner of the discussion is web portal Postoy.sk. Please, confirm your attendance at: conference@cebsi.org.

Press Statement
Alex Havard interview for Slovak news broadcasting TV channel TA3
Alex Havard on Leadership and Magnanimity here
Interview with Alex Havard for web portal Postoy.sk here

CEBSI invites you to a public introduction of a Slovak version of the "Virtuous Leadership - an Agenda for Personal Excellence" (Zodpovedne liderstvo in Slovak), written by French author Alexandre Havard. The public event will host Alexandre Havard and is organized on Thursday, June 2nd, 2011 at 6pm in the Pulitzer (former House of the Journalists) at the Zupne square in Bratislava. Book will be presented by Ms. Elena Kohutikova, Deputy Chairwoman of VUB Intesa bank, and Mr. Michal Hrabovec, founder and general director of the Anasoft corporation. Following the presentation of the book, a public discussion and Q&A session will follow. RSVP: registracia@cebsi.org.

Central European Business and Social Initiative CEBSI invites you to the third year of the international economics conference Free Market Road Show 2011, thatwill be organized on May 13, 2011 in Bratislava. This year, distinguished economic experts will discuss about the future of Europe after the economic crises. Main speakers include Razeen Sally from the London School of Economics, Edward Stringham from the Fazetteville State University, Christoff Zellenberg from Deutsche Bank, Martin Štochmaľ from CEBSI, Tom Nicholson from business weekly Trend and others.More information on the program of the conference can be found here. Conference is organized by the Conservative Institute of M.R. Stefanik, European Coalition for Economic Growth, Austrian Economics Center, Friedrich August von Hayek Institut, and in cooperation with CEBSI, INESS and hotel Crowne Plaza.

Videos from the Free Market Road Show 2011 conference can be found here.

CEBSI invites you to a public lecture of British philosopher and distinguished author Roger Scruton on the topic „There is no life without beauty or Reflections on Truth, Beauty and Wine“. Lecture will and the discussion will take place on Friday, 8th of October, 2010 at 5:00 PM in music salon of Zichy palace at Ventúrska street 9 in Bratislava. Partners of the lecture are Konrad Adenauer Foundation, weekly journal .týždeň and internet portal Postoy.sk.

CEBSI would like to invite you to a public lecture „Creation Theology in Economics“ of professor Michael Novak, influential american philosopher, diplomat and theologist. Public lecture will take place on Monday, 5th of July, 2010 at 5:30 PM in the congress hall of the Faculty of Theology of Trnava University in Bratislava, Kostolná street  1. Partners of the public lecture are weekly journal .týždeň and internet portal www.Postoy.sk.

CEBSI invites you to the second year of distinguished international economic-philosophy conference Free Market Road Show 2010, which will be organized on Tuesday, May 18, 2010 at 1 PM in the Hotel Falkensteriner in Bratislava. More information about the conference can be found at: www.fmrsconference.eu.